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Quasar Lineage Book 9: Atticus's Angel is .99 this week

Happy Friday!

Right now, Book # 9 - Atticus's Angel is .99 cents for the .com and .uk markets if you ever purchase in either.
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I'm off today to the Provincial basketball tournament for my son. This really should be it for a while, but he's already been trying out for club teams, so that will be next. Ha ha!

All the chaos has been making me a bit behind on my current clean up of the work in progress for Sinth Seeker, book one of the Sinth Strain Series, but I won't know for about another week if it'll set me behind on the release date.
Extra sharing below: You'll see the following reads

  1. Two Free eBooks for joining mailing lists. One is erotic romance/horror and the other is erotic romance/BDSM.
  2. THREE great book mentions to check out with ONE of them also available on Kindle Unlimited.
  3. FIVE Author Group Promotion Banners for books in Kindle Unlimited, Giveaways, and Sales. Some are expiring this weekend so don't miss checking them out.

Thanks so much for reading this and have a super weekend!

The Zombie Whisperer Chronicles: Erotic Romance & Horror

The Zombie Whisperer Chronicles Book 1

It's the end of the world, and evil zombies have taken over! Try convincing Malchus of that when he can understand and communicate with them…

The whole world is thrown into chaos as zombies take over and survivors are left to fend for themselves. All they know is that zombies bite and make more zombies. To them, it's shoot to kill and survive.

Not so to Malchus, who has a unique ability to communicate with zombies. They speak, he listens! He attempts to share this knowledge with his fellow survivors only to be shunned by them. Malchus may have bitten off more than he can chew. At least, that is how he feels when he tries to unite zombies and survivors in harmony. Follow Malchus on his journey as he teams up with some rather unique friends and they embark on his mission. Will he succeed, or will he die trying?
Click Here To Download A FREE Copy

Beware of Thorns: Erotic Romance & BDSM

A Bed of Roses Book 1

Stacey McLean is a twenty-something college student.

She works part time in a cafe and it is here she meets the dominant billionaire Donovan White. He has it all, except her.

He will do.... Anything....to have this beautiful woman all to himself....

Delve into the world of millionaire romances, bdsm scenes, and alpha male behaviour between the lustful Donovan and his slave Stacey....
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Gundar: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance

Brides of the Mylos Book 2

The Mylos came for genetic trade, offering a chance for the women of Earth to meet and marry their perfect other half as well as advances in technology and education for all.

Darla Levin isn't looking for a husband. She is, however, looking for money for college. Falling short of her needs using financial aid, she decides to take a gamble and apply for the Bride Registry Scholarship. It seems simple. You don't get matched unless you're a perfect genetic and psychological fit, and for the scholarship, the pool is limited to Mylos currently in orbit. Matches are so rare, she's never known anyone who has known anyone else who has been matched.

After her best friend Angie registers and receives her scholarship funds immediately, Darla takes the plunge. Only the unthinkable happens, and she finds she is now the mate to Gundar, the Commander of the Bride Fleet itself.
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Aledan Series Complete Box Set: A Sci-Fi Space Opera Romance

Books 1-6: Includes Psion Mates Prequel

One lonely night two scared psion children reach out to each other with their minds and forge a bond that will last a lifetime. The boy is a Hankura Narcaza from Aledus and the girl is Michelle Marlow. Over time and distance the memory fades until Hankura is grown. Then Michelle's feelings and thoughts come to him in his dreams, and he realizes he must go back to Earth to find her.

The Aledan Series is romance set in space opera, part science fiction, part adventure and part family saga. It starts with Hankura and Chelle whose love story is carried through the series with a new romance between central characters in each subsequent book of the series.
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An Alien Got Me: Zora: Sci-Fi Romance


A young extraterrestrial woman sent to learn mathematics.
A grumpy professor.
Will a conference change their lives forever?

When Zora and her guardian, Jaina are sent to Earth from their planet Zagan to study mathematics, there is more at stake than learning. They will not only gain knowledge but will have their first contact with the human race.

Professor Henry Walker, lead lecturer at the conference, often leaves his long-time girlfriend, Gloria behind for his work. He's rowdy and almost everyone complains about his teaching methods including his peers.

Then, the professor encountered Zora, a participant whose beauty pierced the sun. He knew she was not from this world.

Just when Professor Walker and Zora formally meet, the time is running out.

With a few days left, they must decide if Earth is ultimately worth it either of them staying behind for.
Click Here To Read More At Your Local Amazon

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