Good News!

The 7th book in the Quasar Lineage science fiction romance series by author Pearl Tate is out now on Amazon [check it out here].

Here’s what people are saying:

“Always love the books in this series this one is different but still oh so good. Remus has been mated for 10 years unfortunately the drug that helps their males preform does not work on him. He has a Ermada who is kind and they become friends however when Traveck his troublesome brother takes a mate and must be found a prophecy about a mated virgin prompts his people to send him. He thinks he has been in love but when he meets his mate all bets are off. The supposedly crazy girl that has been claiming to be abducted by aliens for years Joanne has had it rough. When a new kind of alien different form the greys she has met comes into her enclosure she is taken aback but very attracted to him. Can they overcome all that is against them to complete a prophecy to help save Remus people? You can never go wrong with one of these stories Pearl Tate has built an amazing world of different species, customs and lots of romance.”

Check out Remus’s Revelation by Pearl Tate on Amazon here.

Remus's Revelation by Pearl Tate book cover
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