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Quasar Lineage Book 2: Matthias's Miracle just released on audio is .99 this week

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Right now, Matthias's Miracle is .99 for the .com and .uk markets if you ever purchase in either.
.com http://pearltate.com/booklink/729858
.uk: http://pearltate.com/booklink/729859

My most exciting news this week is that Matthias's Miracle has just been released on Audio. I have Free Promo Codes for the .com audible (good for pretty much any country except the .uk) and UK codes. 
If you're interested in a copy, there's a link below to request one through Story Origin, or if that's too much of a pain, just hit reply to this email and I'll get it over as soon as I can.

I do still have UK codes for Bren's Blessing too if that interests anyone.

This Tuesday, I'll be doing an "author takeover" at Randi's Romantics on Facebook. Here's the link to his group if you haven't joined yet: 
He's the narrator for the books. Honestly, I've never done this, so I'm open to suggestions if you have any. I've taken notes through a couple that have happened on his group by other authors, but I'll be winging it.

Thanks for your support!

Extra sharing below: You'll see the following reads

  1. One Free AudioBook Promo Code for MATTHIAS'S MIRACLE.
  2. Five great book mentions to check out with THREE of them also available on Kindle Unlimited.
  3. SIX Author Group Promotion Banners for everything from Kindle Unlimited Books to Author Giveaways.

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AUDIOBOOK Matthias's Miracle: A Sci-Fi Alien Abduction Romance

The Quasar Lineage Series Book 2

I wake from my abduction while being separated from my friends. Sore and groggy, I'm tied to a bed before I realize what's going on. As the circumstances start to sink in, I fight until I hear a roar of rage.

At first, my rescuer scares me as much as my captors, but when I realize he's helping, he becomes my new best friend.

Matthias's Miracle is the sequel to Bren's Blessing, the first book in the Quasar Lineage. You don't have to listen to Bren's Blessing in order to understand the plot, but the story will be more well rounded if you do. It's part of a science fiction romance series but can be listened to as a stand-alone story with no cliff-hangers!
Get An Audio Book Promo Code Here

Turning Wolf: Werewolf Romance

Wolf Wars Book 1

When the hunter becomes the hunted, and his only ally is a newly turned wolf, who will live, and who will die?

Allyson is happy, with a new love, and a good job – until a random mugging leaves her feeling odd, strangely ill and hypersensitive, and unsure of everything. But she’ll get better – right?

When a werewolf killed his wife, grief drove Garrett to join those who hunt all werewolves. But who is really the enemy? Faced with an order to kill an innocent woman, a woman he is rapidly coming to love, he discovers that his allegiance has changed. But that’s not a decision the hunters will easily accept.

Can he save himself, and Allyson? Or will they both be hunted down, before their love has a chance?
Click Here To Read More At Your Local Amazon

Bearly Rivals: Shifter Romance

Bears of Southoak Book 1

When two rivals fall for the same woman, she must make a choice that will shape the future of their clan.

Bailey has given up on ever finding love. So when her best friend sets her up on a blind date, she’s more than just a little skeptical. But all doubt is pushed aside after she meets Jaxon, a bear shifter who is everything she could ask for—strong, handsome, and kind.

But Jaxon has a rival for leadership of his clan, another bear shifter named Levi who is thrilling and mysterious with an air of danger that draws Bailey in. Levi also becomes a rival for Bailey’s affections. She tries to resist him, but the allure is too strong.

Things become even more complicated when she discovers the two of them have a romantic history. With passions on the rise, they find themselves tangled up in a vicious battle for leadership and Bailey. The winner takes all and the loser gets nothing.

But when Bailey’s heart won’t accept anything less than both of them, what can she do as long as the two remain divided over their past?
Click Here To Read More At Your Local Amazon

Discovered Memories: Romantic Suspense

The Discovered Truth Series Book 2

Memories buried so deep…only he can help her unlock them.

Haunted by memories of her Latina mother’s mysterious death when she was just 6, fearless overseas investigative reporter Alexa Kent is up against her toughest case yet. On location in La Paz, Mexico, she uncovers a human sex trafficking ring and races to save the little girls.

Against her better judgment, Alexa turns to “Macaw” Sam Elvia, a Panamanian-Italian hiding out in Mexico. Alexa finds herself drawn to this irresistible bad boy, and Macaw is uncharacteristically driven to help the beautiful foreign correspondent.

The closer they get to saving the girls and exposing the ring leader, the deadlier the chase becomes, and a disturbing link to Alexa’s mother’s premature death slowly emerges.
Click Here To Read More At Your Local Amazon

A Policeman Got Me: Al


A detective's grief and love may help her overcome it…

A spark ignites the moment Detective Cynthia Jones, returns to duty following the loss of her former partner and lover. She finds Officer Al Sanchez has been put in charge of her detail.

Al's a wild card. Leaping off buildings and running through fire is just another day on the job. However, the more time Cynthia spends with Al, the more she falls for his daredevil ways. Their attraction is mutual, but he thwarts her advances at every turn. He’s the strong, reserved type who operates by the force's code of conduct - and his own.

Falling for her security detail catches Cynthia off guard. She's interested in his past but she has hers. Its a past that indicted her with loss after loss. But when unsolved murders begin happening close to home, Al stops at nothing to protect her. In turn, vindication is her reward, except it comes with severe consequences.
Click Here To Read More At Your Local Amazon

Violet Spirit: Alien Shapeshifter Romance

The Evoxian Legacies # 2

A half human, half alien.
A violet-eyed shapeshifter.
Their destinies bound by magic from a disappearing world.

Ever since free-spirited Lexie Mills learned she was half human, half alien, her life has been far from ordinary. But living a privileged life in a Cotswold manor with her over-protective family isn’t all it’s cracked up to be, and not helped by her confusing feelings for her best friend, Drew.

Evoxian shapeshifter, Drew Morgan, longs to tell Lexie he’s her destined soulmate, but until she embraces her alien heritage, he must wait. Trouble is, staying in the friend zone proves harder than he thought.

Tensions sizzle and chemistry sparks between them, but as their friendship blossoms into something magical, Lexie uncovers a heart-breaking truth about Drew and she must make a choice…
Forgive Drew and accept her destiny, or decide her own Fate?
Click Here To Read More At Your Local Amazon

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