Good News!

The 5th book in the Quasar Lineage science fiction romance series is out now on Amazon [check it out here].

Here’s what people are saying:

“I love Pearl Tates writing this is fast becoming one of my favorite series. Shelly is stolen from Earth with a group of college classmates some have met their mates in the first four books. When she contracts a deadly disease she must travel to Quasar to not only get the vaccine but her mate. Callim has been raised in what amounts to an orphanage that may be much more nefarious than anyone knows. Callim sees in Shelly everything he has ever wanted. However Shelly has been raised in the foster care system and has been abused in the past she is used to pushing others away can he win her love? When a misunderstanding comes between them Callim must show Shelly that h e is the male for her. Wow each new book in this series keeps getting better and better. Pearl Tate has built an amazing new world where Quasar males have lost their hope and a small group pf earth women are helping to bring it back to them. You can read this story as a standalone but honestly these books are s great I would recommend reading them all as soon as possible.”

Check out Callim’s Challenge by Pearl Tate on Amazon here.

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