Free Prequel for Sinth Strain Series & Kindle Countdown Sale for Callim's Challenge Book 5

Quasar Lineage Book 5: Callim's Challenge is .99 this week

Happy Saturday! I'm a day later than normal due to formatting and getting the free download set up for the first time. It's the first thing below.

Right now, Callim's Challenge is .99 for the .com and .uk markets if you ever purchase in either.
.com http://pearltate.com/booklink/566006
.uk: http://pearltate.com/booklink/566007

Mihile's Marvel is still on schedule for a February 15th release. It's getting beta read now for mistakes.

AND I've finished the prequel book for my next series. It's FREE, around 15,000 words and introduces you to the premise behind the next series. 

You'll be the first readers except for one beta reader, so I'm definitely interested in feedback.
PS: I don't think I have to say this to you as my subscribers, but it's an adult book. 18+ please

Book One of the Sinth Strain Series, what I'm calling Sinth Seeker right now, will be out around March 28th.

Extra sharing below: You'll see the following reads

  1. One Free Prequel from me: Sinth Savior: Book 0 of the Sinth Strain Series.
  2. SIX great book mentions to check out with TWO of them also available on Kindle Unlimited and a few are pre-sale notices and will be in KU before the end of the month.
  3. SEVEN Author Group Promotion Banners for books in Kindle Unlimited, Giveaways, FREE audio codes for Audible, and Other Book Sales.

Thanks so much for reading this and have a super weekend!

Sinth Savior: A Sci-Fi Alien Abduction Romance

Sinth Strain Series Prequel

Guess what?
I don't have a blurb for this story--yet!

INSTEAD, I decided to run a little contest with a prize of a free kindle copy of the first book of the series when it's released at the end of March.
Right now, I'm calling that book Sinth Seeker.

After you read the prequel, send me YOUR BLURB! All you have to do is hit reply to this email or send it direct to info@pearltate.com

The most helpful blurb for me to either totally use or work from will win!
Simple, huh? 

I need to give this a deadline.
It's going to be my giveaway for new subscribers.
To keep it simple, why don't we make the deadline Thursday, February 13th. 
That way, next weekend I can let everyone know who won, and I'll have it as I release book 12 of the Quasar Lineage.

Thanks everyone!
Click Here To Download A FREE Copy
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Lover's Retreat: Enemies to Lovers Romance

Romance Set In Paradise Book #2

For thirty seven year old recluse Yasmin O’Neil, life feels like one crisis after another. Her husband left her five years ago, she starts to suspect she’s losing her hearing, and then her mother is diagnosed with cancer. When her mother passes away her fortune changes. Yasmin is fifty thousand pounds richer from her mother’s estate. Taking her fate into her own hands after years of being a recluse, she rediscovers herself at a spiritual retreat in Sri Lanka south Asia, before she plans to spend the next six months travelling around the world.

In Sri Lanka, Yasmin’s path crosses with Michael Thomas, an army soldier on his own path of self discovery. With their luke warm initial encounter the pair don’t hit it off straight away. After some push and pull the two move from enemies to lovers they are finally on the same page. Their encounter turns from luke warm to steamy sizzling hot..
Click Here To Read More At Your Local Amazon

Broken Dreams: A Modern Steamy Little Mermaid Fairy Tale

Fairly Twisted Tales Book 4

Leaving behind my family's unobtainable expectations was the best thing I ever did. There were too many shadows to escape to shine, but the California sun has changed all that. With my obligations forgotten, I'm a lifeguard with nothing to lose, living life on my own terms. Until a rogue wave slams a mystery girl to the bottom of the ocean and right into the middle of my bachelorhood dream. She can't remember who she is, and as I help her navigate her new reality, I'm starting to realize that I can't imagine my life without her in it. But what if she suddenly wakes up from her living nightmare and realizes she doesn't want to be part of my world?

Waking up in a stark white, strange hotel is startling enough. But finding a real life Prince Charming waiting there for me is something else entirely? I can't remember anything before I woke up here, but Jasper is determined to help me figure out where I belong and why I was here. He says I hit my head while surfing off the coast of Malibu, but nobody in Malibu seems to know who I am! With his help, little pieces of my memory start to return, but the price is that he's stealing little pieces of my heart along the way. The only problem is... the longer I spend with him, the more I worry that finding out about my past may ruin any chances of a future with him. Can our romance that began under the sea survive the truth or are we deemed to be poor, unfortunate souls?
Click Here To Read More At Your Local Amazon

Scarlett: Sweet Shifter Romance

Love In Somerset Book 1

One crazy week will change Scarlett’s life forever.

For the last ten years, Scarlett thought her Fated Mate was dead … until he hit her with a buggy in the shampoo aisle of the grocery store three days after she moved to a small town in the Georgia mountains.

That little bump leads to a girlfriend road trip, a hot centaur, a creepy co-worker, and a gremlin sidekick who stabs first and asks questions … never.

When the local romance book club – The Crazy Cats – adopted her all bets were off. They planned her wedding and helped her settle into their small town before she knew what was happening.

Will, she chose the charming Derek Heiss (the King of Centaurs) or Ian Beckett (a small town deputy she was born to love)?
Click Here To Read More At Your Local Amazon

Next-Door Incubus: Paranormal Romance

Becoming Lust Book 1

Dani never expects to meet her hot new neighbor, Eros, for the first time wearing only her underwear. And she definitely never expects to dream of him as a demon with large, curved horns and an insatiable hunger for her.

For her boyfriend and for her own sanity, Dani’s determined to avoid Eros at all costs.

But there’s one problem: she can’t seem to stay away from him. He’s haunting her nights with his devilish black eyes and he’s hiding a dangerous secret that may cost Dani her life.
Click Here To Read More At Your Local Amazon

Linked by Deception: Psychic Paranormal Romance

PSY-IV Teams Book 5

When it comes to the relationship game, she’s learned her lesson well…

With her ability to weave illusions, Jinx Thorne grew up running successful cons with her grifter father, until the day he taught her how easy it is to deceive those you love. Armed with that hard-earned wisdom, she retreats behind her emotional walls determined to avoid a repeat lesson. When she’s partnered with the seductively charming Rabbit, his friendship does the impossible, eroding her defenses and leaving her on shaky ground.

With his patience at an end, he’s about to change the rules…

As the PSY-IV Team’s tech wizard, Rabbit Tessier can manipulate all things electronic, yet that’s not his only area of expertise. As an acknowledged flirt, he enjoys his role as the team’s heart-breaker, but after he’s partnered with the intoxicating queen of illusions that satisfaction wans and he’s done playing games. As they undertake a dangerous mission where things could go sideways in a blink, he’ll take the biggest gamble of all and lay his cards on the table.

When the mission forces them to play intimate criminal partners, will they risk the jump from illusion to truth as they race through a maze of conspiracies and lies before the clock runs out?
Click Here To Read More At Your Local Amazon

Captured: A Sci-Fi Alien Invasion Romance

 Garrison Earth Book 1

She’s everything I shouldn’t want. I capture her anyway.

What humans hail an invasion we call Garrison Earth: a mission to save our species from extinction. But while my warriors will soon have the stomachs of their new mates swell with daughters, I know this planet holds nothing for me.

Until a fierce, red-haired female points her gun with her eyes blazing fire, and I know I have found my mate. A bullet and a tranquilizer pad later, I carry her in my arms.
Against my better judgment.
But who argues fate?

With a mission at the brink of failure, I have no time to wait around until Eden is willing to bond. I took her freedom. Might have taken her family. Taking her body is my obligation.

I am a male without conscience. Incapable of love. No one has ever pierced my cold heart.
No one ever will.

Not even her.
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