Good News!

The 11th book in the Quasar Lineage science fiction romance series by author Pearl Tate is out now on Amazon [check it out here].

Here’s what people are saying:

” Fast-paced, action packed sitting on the edge of your seat book that was impossible to put down once I had started reading it. This is book 11 in the series and it’s brilliant. You don’t have to read all the previous in the series, but it does make certain things a lot clearer if you have read all or some of the earlier books. I have read them all and I am still loving this series. The author really has done a fantastic job of world and society building with so much going on that every story is different and unique in their own way. “

Check out Chevepak’s Cherished by Pearl Tate on Amazon here.

cover by @alenaddesign on instagram
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