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Right now, Quasar Lineage Series book 4 Devlin's Darling is .99 for the .com and .uk markets if you ever purchase in either.
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Thanks for all the support for the first book in the Sinth Strain series.
Right now, I'm aiming at having the second book called Sinth Source out around the last weekend of April. It's an overlapping story of Jade and Desin, Teresa's roommate from Sinth Seeker,  

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 I haven't gone anywhere in the last week, but guess who has?
My parents. 

How many of you out there are having the same struggle? 
I hope it's been easier for you.

You know what they say, "Know your limit. Play within it!"

Stay safe and healthy!

Thanks so much for reading this and have a super weekend!

Tellan: A Sci-Fi Alien Romance

Brides Of The Mylos: Book 1

Laurel Chin led an ordinary, comfortable life.
While many might think waitressing wasn't a great job, Laurel Chin loved it. She enjoyed meeting the customers and working side by side with her family in their small Jamaican-Chinese fusion restaurant on the edge of Birmingham's Chinatown. Like everyone else, she'd been astounded at first when the aliens appeared, but as they offered friendship and trade, she soon lost most interest in the news about them. If there was anything to worry about, she trusted Prime Minister Simms and Parliament would let the public know. She settled back into her routine of work, Sunday lunch at her mother's, and hanging out with her sister.

Tellan was honoured to be named Ambassador.
Tellan knew the Mylos were in need of fresh genetic trade. The humans of Earth were a bit less advanced socially and technologically than their past trade partners, so great care had to be taken when offering treaty terms. If all went smoothly, he'd soon see human institutions of higher learning teaching Mylos science and philosophy and Bride Registry Centres open across the globe. Then the Bride Fleet assigned to Earth would arrive and Tellan could return home for less fraught diplomatic duties.

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Stane: A Paranormal Thriller Romance

The Islands of Sedania: Prequel

Stark was a mediocre psychiatrist. Blane was a young man struggling with mental illness. An eerie feeling comes over Stark when he meets Blane for the first time, realizing he's met his match. Blane seems to know more about Stark than he should.

When Blane's mother Izzy tries to intervene, Stark cannot explain why he's so taken with her beauty rather than paying attention to the red flags. Taken down the dark road of insanity, Stark finds himself trapped in a dream world of his patient's making. As Stark tries to navigate through Sedania, he desperately hopes to fit all the puzzle pieces together in order to treat Blane's mental illness, but Blane has a different agenda all together.

Will Blane's world pull Stark into the abyss of no return? Will Stark be able to fight his lust for Izzy long enough to escape? Anything can happen on the islands of Sedania.

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Must Love Dragons: A Shifter Fated Mates Romance

Space Dragons Seek Mates: Book 1

He doesn't know what kind of witch he's dealing with.

Kal had no idea what he was walking into when he met Maddie. She might believe that men aren’t from Mars, but he sure isn’t from Earth.

Maddie has enough crazy in her life with one ghost too many haunting her. Too bad fate just threw her a man claiming to be a dragon shifter. If Maddie chooses to accept Kal isn’t crazy, she might be in for the ride of her life. Of course, if she chooses to believe him she’ll have to leave her old life behind.

Kal needs to find his mate before his dragon’s magic consumes him. He might have infinite cosmic powers, but he also has a soul that can’t control the power of the universe. Not without Her. Maddie might be the right witch for him, except the fact she just cursed him to be a chicken. What the hell kind of planet is this anyway?

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Roped, Hitched & Lassoed: A BDSM Boxset Romance

Three Stories of Dominance and Submission

Roped, Hitched & Lassoed
Three siblings, all deeply entrenched in the BDSM lifestyle...

Jared, wounded warrior who completes his healing as he heals his widowed slave
Brad, roughshod rodeo cowboy who finally finds he wants more than just a partner in club play
Diana, who raised her younger brothers and survived a sadistic master’s cruelty, who finds her happily ever after with her vanilla first love.
Three couples, three interwoven stories of Dominance and submission—but mostly of forever love against a backdrop of the majestic hills of southwestern Wyoming.

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A Beauty For The Billionaire: Twisted Fairy Tale Romance

Twisted Fairy Tales

When Bodean “Bo” Toller was in high school she thought she had found the perfect boyfriend in Maxwell Kerrington. Until he disappeared without a trace for fourteen years.

Bo's life hasn't always been easy, but family was what held everything together. When her father dies everything is suddenly in jeopardy. Then a mysterious package arrives along with a note from her lost love promising to make all her problems disappear, all she must do is give up her freedom and surrender to his demands. She agrees and is swept away to a formidable estate hidden in the woods, where she comes face to face with the boy she swore she would always love.

Having spent years enduring abuse, Max has emerged on the other side, scarred and a beast of a man. He wants only one thing, the girl he had never forgotten, Bo. Max's pain runs deep as he hides from Bo the marks of his past, and though she seems eager to gain his trust and rekindle their love, Max can't help fearing what would happen if she knew the truth of what happened all those years ago.

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Dance With Darkness: A Shifter Romance

Dracones Allies: Book 1

Amid blood and death they escaped their pride and home …

…and ran away to start a new life.

But can you ever really leave the past behind?

Twenty-eight year old cat shifter Enyowas has spent the last sixteen years taking care of his family. As the Tom of the Spokane Spite cat clan, he also runs Spokane’s Enforcement for preternatural protection—a secret organization that protects supes and humans from the predators that would hunt them.

But when a series of strange events leads to his sister’s death, Enyowas realizes they have a serial killer.

Filled with guilt over the past he’s never been able to get out of his head, and now for his sister, Enyowas only wants to be alone to grieve. But duties don’t wait for anyone. So when he’s asked to help a rare female leopard shifter, he goes. Only, he isn’t prepared for how she makes him feel. How she makes him want something he never thought to have.

Betrayal has left Enyowas guarded and unavailable. But as he learns the truth about what’s really going on, Enyowas has a choice to make. Will he accept what is right in front of him, or continue to protect his heart from more hurt?

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